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Stockport Sports Clubs

Liam is Area Manager of EdStart Stockport. Through hard work and determination Liam’s proudest moments to date are graduating university and joining the EdStart team! Passionate about sport from an early age, Liam would often be found kicking a ball, swinging a golf club or enjoying family days out at sports events. Physical Education was Liam’s favourite lesson at school and from an early age he knew his love for sport would grow. Now, Liam loves working in his local area sharing his enthusiasm and knowledge of sport with the younger generation, seeing the children get active, improving their physical and mental wellbeing and being happy is very rewarding.

Meet Liam


Head of EdStart Stockport


“As a child I experienced the mental health impact of being overweight and I don’t want other children to experience that. I want to show them the benefits of exercise, as well as how to deal with different situations”